The role of designer that I value is that with our future speculation, we can probe any audiences’ beliefs and values, challenge their assumptions and encourage them to imagine how nature could be different in the future. Here’s the quote by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby who wrote Speculative Everything and I think this pretty much sums up the goal of the project

“Creating works that could exist only in our future by asking a lot of what if questions that makes people think of futures they want or the futures they want to escape from or the future that might happen to us is one of the goals“ (from Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby)


CRISPR CAS 9 (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) is a DNA editing tool, which people call scientist’s potential secret weapon for treating heritage diseases like Sickle-Cell Anemia and Muscular Dystrophy. But  the usage of CRISPR CAS 9 raise lots of ethical issues as it can be misused such as designing embryo before birth which may cause new social hierarchy and ecological disequilibrium. So I wanted this exhibition to make people think about their own code of ethics.



In general, participants can think about their ethical code as a consumer. Is their code firm enough to take down on tempting effects of the products like crispr cas 9? And designers can think about their code as a designer since the work that we do naturally bring up the discussion around ethics, responsibility, and accountability. Question can be would you design a packaging design of a product that you don’t believe in?


So the exhibition is composed of a vending machine that contains multiple packagings of different functions of dna editing kit, and it will also have a curved wall that functions as an opinion poll about where people draw their lines with this certain ethical issue.


The functions of kit vary from higher metabolism, immune to Alzheimer’s to even all the control over physical appearances like height control or hair growth.


    1. When the participant enters, t hey will have to look around all different applications of the editing kit and decide which one they consider to be acceptable usage of the technology or the one that they simply want to try out.  If they select,

    2. They will receive a product and they will find a roll of thread, which is in the same color as their chosen products’ own color code.

    3. From levels 1 to 8, the panel (curved panel) will be divided according to the different levels/types of consequences that each product will bring such as from simply curing diseases, stopping inherited diseases to ecological disequilibrium, the formation of animal chimeras for organ transplantation.

level 1 : curing diseases

level 2 : stopping inherited diseases

level 3 : creating a better you

level 4 : new social hierarchy

level 5 : pre-planned future of your child

level 6 : ecological disequilibrium

level 7 : regulation for consumers

level 8 : formation of animal chimeras for organ transplantation

3. The lower part will be ranged from ethical to unethical.

4. They will first have to find their chosen product’s color from the upper part and tie their string on their assigned section. (e.g.  if your product’s orange, you will tie it on the orange section) 

5. Then they will have to tie the other end of the string to the lower part which is divided into a scale from ethical to unethical.

Scroll down for some visual descriptions of the steps ︎︎︎


The exhibition will function as a tool that visualizes people's different opinions. Each individual will get a different form of strings. They will be different in length, tightness, colors and overall shapes. For example, the string can be tight or loose depending on how firm or flexible their opinions are. And the length of the string will represent the gap between our ethical code and our choices.  It will let people think more about their own stance over the issue.And these intertwined strings will show how much ethically controversial the topic is.

So where is the line that is acceptable by everyone?