Help rescue dogs from the DangJin Dog Meat!

Free Korean Dogs rescues dogs from Korea’s dog meat trade and find their forever loving homes in Canada.

Millions of dogs are slaughtered for meat consumption in Korea every year. Most of them are kept in tiny, overcrowded cages in dog meat farms and provided no water or shelter from the elements, and given only scraps of waste to eat. It is also common practice for dogs to be brutally tortured prior to slaughter as it is believed to enhance flavor and nutritional healing properties, despite an overwhelming lack evidence to support these claims.

Korea is the only country in the world that commercially farms dogs for food. Lack of legislation regulating the Korean dog meat trade result in the lack of standards for safety or humane treatment. Simply speaking, dogs can be obtained by any means, whether stray or farmed, and treated in unfathomable inhumane manners without consequence. The dog meat trade in Korea is a legislative gray area and political landmine that nobody in power wants to address.

Here’s how you can get involved right now:

    1. Adopt a dog rescued from the Korean dog meat trade.
    2. Donate today to support our adoption, awareness and community building efforts.
    3. If you are flying from Korea to Toronto or Vancouver, you could save a precious life. There are always dogs at our partner shelters in Korea waiting for a flight to their forever homes in Canada. Can you give them a lift?
    4. Contact with any questions or to learn more.